Please read below to ensure you are prepared when attending your appointment:

  1. Mask Requirement: As Peakform Wellness is a private healthcare facility, we still require patients to wear masks the ENTIRE time they are in the clinic. (We plan to transition to Masking Optional on Monday, April 4).

  2. COVID-19 Screening Survey Reminder: Please complete it before coming in for EVERY appointment as it is required to keep your appointment.

  3. CREDIT CARD On File: In an attempt to improve safety and limit the amount of time you spend at our front desk, we will require a credit card on file.


To ensure fair and equal access for patients requiring care at our clinics, we require at least 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. We can only accept cancellation requests via 2 methods;

1) You can cancel/reschedule the appointment yourself using our convenient online booking app as long as there is 24 hours before the scheduled time.

2) You can call our offices and speak to one of our front desk staff and they can confirm your cancellation/rescheduling request over the phone.

NOTE: We can not accept cancellation requests via email, voicemail, texts or other forms of messaging as we can not ensure other patients will have timely access to the desired appointment time.If you fail to give the clinic sufficient notice via the methods described above, you must be prepared to incur a charge for full value of the missed appointment at your own expense. Thanks for your understanding!

Choosing to continue with online booking means you have read and agree to the above Clinic Policies including our Cancellation Policy